– by Nick Doll

The Lord of the Rings is heading to TV, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Warner Bros. Television is in the preliminary stages of discussions for a TV series based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic trilogy of books. Warner Bros was also behind Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of the trilogy that included The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.

THR also reports that Amazon Studios is the potential buyer of the project, though both Amazon Studios and Warner Bros. Television decline comment.

Apparently THR‘s sources stress that said deal for a LOTR TV series is far from a done deal. Talks are supposedly focusing on rights issues with the Tolkien estate, as the estate and Warner Bros settled an $80 million lawsuit just four months ago after a five-year lawsuit relating to royalties.

The project has yet to even attach a writer.

As with HBO’s TV adaptation of Watchman that is coming together, it seems a little premature to reboot The Lord of the Rings, even in a different medium. The original release dates for Jackson’s trilogy were Fellowship in 2001, Two Towers in 2002, and The Return of the King in 2003, followed by the prequel Hobbit trilogy that started in 2013. One assumes the success of Game of Thrones has lead Warner Bros to return to the multi-billion-dollar worldwide franchise.

Would you watch a Lord of the Rings TV show? What would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of doing LOTR on TV? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

  • Smerdyakov

    “Everyone loves Gollum.”

    • Kindofabigdeal

      “Fellowship” (cue I’ll Be There For You)

  • SaiyanHeretic

    I love the LOTR trilogy, but a lot of cuts and alterations were made for the sake of making a cogent cinematic narrative. So a long-format show that incorporated every bit of the original material, including drawing from the appendices, would be really cool.

  • Kronx

    I remember leaving Return of the King thinking, “That should have been ten times longer with a much smaller budget.”

  • Kindofabigdeal

    What I would want is a TV show that takes place in the Jackson universe. There is a whole timeline of events that goes back hundreds of years. (maybe more) It would be interesting to delve deeper into the past of the LOTR and introduce us to new characters. I will not sit through hours of more walking with actors that aren’t as good as the original films. So if you’re going to milk the franchise, don’t rehash what we’ve already seen. Hell, make something original and go forward with a great grandson of Aragon trying to live up to the family name.

  • Momitchell

    Amen to this… I had never read the books until a coworker urged me to after seeing the movies. I was blown away by how much more material there was in the books – it was actually a pretty awesome experience! I remember telling my friend that it would make so much sense to do LOTR as a miniseries, so they could have the time to include all that was missing in the movies.

  • Behemothrex

    If this happens of course it will be a rehash of the same story again, with well just more story. If they had balls they would do the stories from the other books with only highlights from the actual LOTR. But that won’t sell, so expect to see LOTR done up Game of Thrones style with people dying off left and right and hobbits dropping the C word all over the place.