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With Captain Marvel just around the corner the promotion for the film is sure to ramp up until its release. One of the ways the film is being promoted is by a small novel that can be found at Walmart. However, be very careful with this book, which is titled Captain Marvel Starforce Mission Log, is full of possible spoilers.

The spoilers according to BleedingCool follow below. One final warning major potential spoilers are up next.

1. The log’s writer is named “Vers” a.k.a Carol Danvers.

2. Minn-Erva played Gemma Chan is suspicious of Carol.

3. Jude Law is Yon-Rogg.

4. Carol’s powers are driven by battery.

5. Mixed Race Kree.

6. Carol sees her Mom as the Kree Leader.

7. Skrulls can read minds, a little.

8. Carol is alien royalty.

9. Carol meets and befriended a Nova Corps member.

10. Att-Lass ( Algenis Perez Soto) is her “brother”.

11. Starforce combat suits can change.

12. Starforce are chosen for missions ( that always go wrong on purpose?).

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Captain Marvel is said to be the most powerful hero we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she will like be a big part, if not the main reason our heroes triumph over Thanos. Lots of information there to process, and for those of you who enjoy spoilers (yes, some folks actually do) these come just in time as Captain Marvel is released on March 8.

The book’s back cover:

“Imagine not knowing your name or remembering your family follow Vers’ personal mission log as she struggles to regain her memories of the past and learns how to harness her phenomenal powers. Complete with Cosmic sketches and giant fold-outs, join in Vers’ adventures as she fights alongside the fierce Kree warriors of Hala’s elite Starforce unit to protect their planet against their shape-shifting enemies- the Skrulls! Super Hero fans will be enthralled by this origin story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful heroine and her intergalactic journey to find out who she really is!”

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Source: BleedingCool