– by Campbell Clark

For some lucky critics last night was the first time they got to see Captain Marvel in theaters in advance of the upcoming press junket (which we will be reporting on soon). The rest of us only have a two-week wait now until the films general release and I was surprised to see some reports of people slating the movie before it has even released. How and why members of the public would say a movie is bad before anyone has seen it just baffles me?

Maybe I will like Captain Marvel, maybe I won’t? Either, way Marvel has a good enough track record that I will watch the movie within the first couple of days of release. If and when the quality of Marvel movies drops as a whole, that’s the point I’ll get pickier about which ones I see in theaters.

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So what did the critics think of Captain Marvel? Well, we have to remember there is a review embargo until March 5th, so whilst we don’t have any full reviews to share, we can share some of the initial social media reactions, which always happen for these big tent pole movies.

In general, I would say of all the posts I have managed to check out, the vast majority are very positive. I usually try to find at least one negative to balance things out, but in this instance, I wouldn’t even say the bottom comment here is particularly negative, just not as praiseworthy as the others. Check them out.

So there you have it, this is only a small selection, but I have read many more examples and they generally all praise the movie, especially Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos and Carol’s cat Goose. So far I would have to say we should be going into this movie expecting another home run from Marvel, but we can judge for ourselves in a fortnite’s time. I’m looking forward to going higher, further, faster, are you?

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