– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The entire fate of Clerks 3 depends on one actor.

LRM and Review Nation was told by Kevin Smith that Jeff Anderson was the previously unnamed actor who refused to be in Clerks 3. He was already suspected and implied by the Internet community, but this is an official confirmation by the director since the announcement of the cancellation of the film.

Anderson is well known as Randal Graves, the best friend to Dante in Clerks and Clerks II. He was the wise-ass slacker who worked in the video store, who managed to convince consistently Dante to ditch his responsibilities and get into trouble.

He reprised his role multiple times, not only in the sequel, but also in the animated series Clerks, the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and The Flying Car short. He has also appeared in Smith’s other works, including Dogma and Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

On a red carpet at this weekend’s WonderCon to promote an episode of The Goldbergs, LRM caught up with the popular cult director to discuss his future projects.

Smith confirmed Anderson is “one of the four” leads who opted out of the flick.

“I would love to [make Clerks 3]. We need the other guy to do that. We need Jeff Anderson, the guy who plays Randall. He doesn’t want to do it. So sadly, that gets put to the side. I want to do it so badly. I can’t do it. It was written for him. The Randall part is the whole movie. It’s Randall’s flick,” Smith explained to LRM exclusively.

Of course, Smith is still leaving the door opened for Clerks 3 if there’s a miracle may happen.

“Unless he changes his mind, and if and when he changes his mind…..I doubt it will ever happen. Then we can kind of move forward,” he asserted with doubt and cautious optimism.

As to recast the part, Smith will never do that to Randal Graves.

“I could never recast it,” he told LRM and Review Nation. “He is Randal.”

Kevin Smith’s directed Batman-themed episode of The Goldbergs will air this Wednesday, April 5 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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Watch the interview clip with Kevin Smith below.

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