– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Yeah, I know. We’re all pretty darn skeptical about the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel, aren’t we? I personally still can’t comprehend why this film has garnered such a rabid fan base, and even with my apathy towards it, I have to admit the things we’ve heard about the movie aren’t really what core fans want to hear.

Yes, that initial teaser was kind of interesting, but on the rumor front, we had some other info that hinted at a group of teens acting as the leads of the movie. Were this a new franchise, I don’t think many would hate this, but with it being a Ghostbusters film, you can expect many are bummed that the leads won’t be on the older side. But will this be a complete departure from the original?

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Speaking on the Monday Morning Podcast, the film’s director, Jason Reitman had the following to say:

“This is going to be a love letter to Ghostbusters. I love this franchise. I grew up watching it. I consider myself the first Ghostbusters fan. I was like seven years old when that movie came out and I love it. I want to make a movie for my fellow Ghostbusters fans.”

Our own Mark Cook recently ran down what he thinks this new film will need to succeed (you can read that in the above “Related” link), but many of us here don’t think it’s possible with so young a cast. But, everyone’s been proven wrong before, so who’s to say we’re not wrong again?

What do you think of Reitman’s comments? Do you think this will really count as a love letter to the original based on what you’ve heard? Sound off in the comments!

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SOURCE: Monday Morning Podcast (via CinemaBlend)

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