– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I don’t care what anybody says. Better Call Saul has proven itself to be a STRONGER series than Breaking Bad. It’s maintained its pacing as a slow burn of a show but has also managed to send Jimmy McGill down a believable path of corruption so that when we see him in Breaking Bad, we buy his personality. So blurred are these lines of right and wrong that we root for him, no matter how wrong what he does truly is in the eyes of the law.

Over the course of the series, we’ve seen Jimmy get in way over his head on numerous occasions — always making me wonder just how in the hell he’ll get himself out each time. As series co-creator Peter Gould revealed in a New York Times featurette, doing this on the regular was something he was originally terrified of.

“When I started on Breaking Bad, I was always worried about giving characters a problem i didn’t see a way out of . My philosophy has changed over the years. In the writer’s room, if we can’t figure out how this character’s going to deal with this problem, maybe the audience can’t either.”

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The writers of the show then go on to chronicle one pivotal plot point they came across in the most recent season, Jimmy’s sidekick Huell gets in trouble for assaulting an officer, and the writers needed to find a believable way to exonerate him.

In the video, they chronicle how A Miracle on 34th Street inspired them to find a solution. Just goes to show how amazing this show really is.

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SOURCE: The New York Times

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