– by Seth McDonald

While the odd relationship shared between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds gets a lot of attention, some of us forget how long Jackman and legend Patrick Stewart have been involved in the X-Men universe. As I assume all of you know Hugh Jackman portrayed Wolverine for the better part of two decades, making it nearly impossible for any of us to imagine anyone else in the role (something we will soon have to do). Patrick Stewart, in one of the crown jewels of casting, played Professor Charles Xavier for the same amount of time.

Today we learn that they both have received recognition for their contribution and dedication to their comic book characters and to the X-Men nerdom as a whole. The honor comes in the form of a Guiness World Record, something that Jackman has always wanted apparently (I mean, who doesn’t want one of those, right?). It all went down on the British morning show, This Morning. You can take it all in below.

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While Disney is sure to reboot the X-Men, and hopefully introduce them to their estranged family in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if you ask me, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make offers to both Jackman and Stewart that they couldn’t refuse in hopes of getting them to continue portraying their iconic characters (just throw some of that mouse money at them, all they can do is say no).

For one it would provide a bit of comfort to most fans, and I mean really, which two actors would be better for those roles? Right, probaby no one. Secondly, yes, Deadpool and Wolverine, and I feel that’s all I need say about that.

It is highly unlikely that the situation is going to play out like that, but a nerd can dream right, and hope?

Don’t ya just love Jackman and Stewart? They both seem to be extremely pleasant gentlemen along the same line as Keanu Reeves. Express your feelings for them in the comments down below!

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Source: This Morning