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Following the unfounded reports that Rian Johnson had left his proposed Star Wars trilogy, we then heard a rumor that his trilogy was aiming for a G rating. This would normally mean a set of movies aimed more squarely at a younger audience. To be fair that didn’t ever feel quite right to me given Johnson’s existing body of work.

Well, it now looks like we can throw that rumor into the fire as Johnson has himself reacted to this news on social media. Check it out below.

Now, I suppose this isn’t a direct response to say his trilogy of movies won’t be G-Rated. However, it does appear as if he is sick of hearing false rumors swirling around and who could blame him after this past week?

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It is far more likely that the trilogy will be targeted for a PG or PG-13 audience, and that’s just going on the ratings for the current Disney led Star Wars movies we have seen so far. It also appears to me that Johnson hasn’t really done that much work on the story of this trilogy yet, so I would guess it is far too early to tell what kind of rating it would be aiming for.

There do appear to be a lot of fans hoping that Johnson’s trilogy will never get off the ground in response to the divisive nature of his last Star Wars movie The Last Jedi. As a fan who didn’t like The Last Jedi, I still can’t see the point of hoping that this one will never get off the ground, I don’t think Rian Johnson is a bad director at all, I just didn’t like one movie he directed and wrote. At the same time, however, I still have a hard time believing the first movie will ever go under cameras because of the backlash from fans.

No doubt the chat room below will devolve into another debate about The Last Jedi, which seems to happen every time we publish a Star Wars article never mind one related to Rian Johnson. But hey, it’s your comments section, so debate away to your hearts’ content.

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SOURCE: Rian Johnson (via Twitter)